Tips for presenting your home to potential buyers

There’s little doubt that selling your home can be a stressful affair. The majority of people these days lead very busy lives and have little time to spare. So, add moving house to an already long list of ‘things to do’ and it’s not surprising that we can often let something slip. The most common thing to get overlooked when people are selling their house is how their house is presented to any potential buyers.

The problem is that once we decide to move on, we’re so focused on our new property search that we forget to pay proper attention to the house we’re still living in. It’s understandable that you may have lost the ‘emotional connection’ with your current property. But you must remember that potential buyers are looking to make an emotional connection in order to convince them to make an offer.

So, it’s your job to make sure that your house is as well presented as possible, whenever a viewing is arranged. With this in mind, we’re going to show you how to present your home, so you stand the best possible chance of an offer being made.

Present your home, so you stand the best possible chance of an offer being made.


Now, when we say neutral, we don’t mean that you should paint the walls magnolia and remove every trace of your personality. People need to see that someone actually lives there. The key is to remove any unnecessary clutter, in order to allow people to picture what it would be like to live in the property. The key is to try and strike a balance, where the spaces are neutral, without being bland.


People like to view properties that have obviously been loved and taken care of, as this instils a sense of confidence that the house will make a good investment. So, if there are any outstanding jobs that need doing, take the time to complete them preferably before you put your house up for sale. If potential buyers see peeling wallpaper, cracked plaster and other DIY eyesores, they’re likely to run a mile!

Don’t Neglect Outside!

If you’re not much of a gardener, it can be easy to end up neglecting the backyard and/or front garden of your house. Remember though, if you do have a front garden, this will be one of the first things any potential buyers will see. So, if you’ve got rusty bikes on an unkempt lawn and rotten decking, you’re likely to lose your buyers before they’ve even walked through the front door.

Curb Appeal

Update Lighting

This is such a simple tip, but surprisingly effective at transforming a dull house into one that seems bright, inviting, warm, and cheerful. This is exactly what potential buyers are going to be looking for, and luckily enough it’s an effect that is also very cheap and easy to create. The secret is to replace all your old light bulbs with modern lighting to ensure that buyers are able to see exactly what’s on offer.

So go ahead, follow our simple tips. Who knows? You could get really lucky and be enjoying settling in your new house in time for Christmas!


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